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Go from a Support Liability to a Moneymaking Asset

Many companies see the demand for support as an overwhelming problem because it often takes up valuable time and can be very costly. But this can actually be an opportunity to build customer loyalty while you build a great new revenue stream.

In fact, the more your customers demand personal attention and fast response times, the more they’ll be willing to pay for Premium Support.

And with our easy to implement and cost effective platform, you can start to offer paid support immediately, while you continue to offer free support such as online knowledge bases, FAQ’s and support forums.

Offer Support on Your Terms while Increasing Customer Satisfaction

You Decide...

What support to CHARGE for

What support remains FREE

What types of support you'd like to offer

When and how to respond to support requests

How Does PaidSupport Work?

It’s Simple.

Create Your Support Plan

Add support features, a plan description along wtih benefits.
Then set your price.

Add HTML Code

We provide code, so you can easily offer Premium Support plans
on your website.

Start Making Money

We bill and manage your plans,
so you can focus on
providing support.

Fully Automated and Completely Flexible

From support plan creation, to incident tracking, to purchasing & billing - we've got it all covered for you. Our fully integrated platform lets you build and sell custom support plans using a variety of different support options.

These include: By Ticket, Email, Phone, Chat, Remote Support, By single incident or multiple incidents, and Hourly Support.

The entire billing process is managed for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Compatible With Your Current Support system

There’s no need to change the way you're currently providing your technical support. You can simply use our platform to add Premium Support services while your support staff continues to provide all of the actual support. With our billing platform you will now be able to give them the tools they need to provide better support to your customers who demand it – and now you can charge for it.

Start Offering Premium Support in Minutes

Fast Setup and Integration. Unlimited Agents. No Monthly Fees.

Designed for any business - large and small. It’s the perfect solution for software providers, manufacturers, app developers and computer service companies.

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