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Premium Support Plans

We believe offering Premium Support plans should seamless and profitable.

Our Mission

With an eye to customer satisfaction and impeccable service, we work hard, each and every day, to provide a fully automated and flexible support billing platform, with the goal that businesses can transform their customer support costs into a new revenue stream and increase their customer loyalty.

An Unique Platform

PaidSupport provides a complete support solution that lets you offer
impeccable service and optimize customer satisfaction.

A Team of Support Professionals

PaidSupport is staffed with professionals who combine their talents to provide you
with reliable and practical solutions. As a result, you’ll be able to provide
seamless service while you enhance your profits.

Discover why we’re the online leader

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Fast Setup and Integration. Unlimited Agents. No Monthly Fees.

Designed for any business - large and small. It’s the perfect solution for software providers, manufacturers, app developers and computer service companies.

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